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Laboratory Measuring Cylinder

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Laboratory Measuring Cylinder

Measuring Cylinders, with interchangeable stopper.

Measuring cylinders, also known as graduated or mixing cylinders are used to accurately measure the liquid. They are one of the most widely used lab-ware/glassware. They are cylindrical and narrow in shape. While measuring, the center of the meniscus of the liquid should coincide with the marking on the cylinder when it is kept at eye level. They are calibrated so as to either have the precise volume inside the container as the mark shows or to deliver the exact volume as shown by the marking. These are named as symbols IN and EX respectively. In this category,the plastic measuring cylinders, made of polypropylene or polymethyl pentene have been included. They are generally autoclavable, less fragile. Available for 10 to 2000 mL of volume.

A Measuring Cylinders / graduated cylinder / cylinder measuring / mixing cylinder is a piece of laboratory apparatus used to measure the volume of a liquids, chemicals or solutions during the lab daily work.

Measuring cylinders are also used to determine displacement, which is a measurement of the change in a volume of water when additional materials are added to it, this means that the volume of solid objects and solutions can be determined using a graduated cylinder.


  • Measuring Cylinders, with interchangeable stopper,
  • Hexagonal / Round Base.
  • Accuracy as per Class ‘A’ with works certificate.
  • Made of Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass.
  • Available in both Clear and Amber Colour.